Feel the Difference

Omen makes equipment to connect you with the ocean’s movement. Our obsession is converting water’s energy into flight while maintaining the purest signal between pilot and water. In other words: effortless speed, and precise, intuitive control.

This passion drives Omen’s attention to detail, minimalist design, and manufacturing ethos. Our promise is to provide you with efficiency beyond belief and a supernatural feeling of connection.


The ultimate wing and prone board

Winning the best all-rounder and next level design categories in MacKite's 2023 Board Awards the Omen Flux has proven to be absolute go-to for those chasing high performance riding and the ability to get on foil with a smaller board.

100% dedicated to wave foiling, the shape, volume, length, and width of each size has been honed to augment the abilities and range of intermediate to professional riders. This is especially noticeable in the larger sizes whose streamlined shapes have not been compromised to suit beginners learning to wing.

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Foils made for those seeking uncompromising wave performance and skill progression

designed from the ground up

supernatural efficiency

Every detail of the Omen foil system was designed to provide the highest possible efficiency across the widest possible range. During testing, we noticed this added up to a significant reduction in the foil's pitching moment.

This created a positive feedback loop; since less downforce is required from the tail, more efficient designs can be used, even further reducing the drag, and the stabilization requirement of the whole foil. The end result is greater glide, easier takeoff, and less effort in pumping without sacrificing control at high speed.

streamlined fuselage

high & low end efficiency

The shape and size of the fuselage has a much greater impact than conventionally thought. Foils fly at a positive angle of attack at low speed, transitioning through neutral to a negative angle at high speed.

By streamlining the fuselage and reducing its thickness, Omen foils are significantly more efficient at both the top and bottom end of their range.

Dream like control and connection to the water

the stiffy

feel the glide, not the flex

Omen worked alongside NoLimitz to design an incredibly stiff, efficient, responsive, and light mast. The foil section has been refined to resist ventilation during aggressive turns and upwind tacks while maintaining low drag through a huge range of speeds and angles of attack.

Built at the ICE aerospace facility by skilled technicians, our mast represents a union of precision manufacturing technology & materials engineering with years of experience testing mast geometry & sections.

ØSS factory tune

perfect out of the box

Every aspect of a foil interacts to create a pitching moment which increases with speed. By designing Omen front wings and tails together, we achieved balance through the entire speed range, leading to incredibly natural feel and intuitive control.

Our Shim System takes into account the mast length, front wing, and stabilizer model to determine the perfect tail shim for any combination of Omen equipment. 

A simple and intuitive tuning guide is included with every foil to make your first session your best ever.

attention to detail

made in america

Composite hydrofoil pioneer Peter Lederer leads Omen manufacturing, using his 30 years of composites experience to engineer the layup and personally fabricate each wing tool. Protech Composites in Washington molds and hand finishes each wing while our fuselage is CNC machined by Abell Tool in Indiana.

We are proud to work with companies that treat their workers with dignity and respect. Our foils represent their craftsmanship, and we are confident you will feel the difference.


We love what guys like Jim Stringfellow, Foilparts, Alchemy, and Project Cedrus are doing for compatibility and enabling foilers to experiment. Please contact them directly to enquire about Omen adapters for your current equipment. 

We’re happy to share our connection geometry to support Omen customers who love to customize. Omen’s warranty does not extend to equipment that is damaged or lost due to the use of non-OEM adapters.