Omen Flux Board, 40L bottom semi displacement hull for efficiency, low end and touchdown performance
Omen Flux Board, 40L side view
Omen Flux Board, 60L bottom semi displacement hull for efficiency, low end and touchdown performance
Omen Flux Board, 60L side view


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The Flux has been refined for riders looking to progress their prone foiling or wingfoiling in waves. Due to the efficiency of the outline and hull design, expect to be able to ride a board of at least 25% smaller volume in the same conditions 

The length combined with the wide nose & tail provides stability when paddling into a wave or getting up with a win while the low drag, semi-displacement hull makes for ultra easy takeoffs and smooth touchdown recoveries.

The design also provides extra lift when the board is submerged, meaning less force from the wing is required to get up to the surface in low power condition. The Flux truly is the best of both worlds, more low end in a higher performance package. 

The large bevels and slim outline provide extra clearance at high bank angles, while the surfboard inspired rail geometry makes the arc of your turn is not thrown off if touched down. 


Volume Length Width Thickness Aprox. Weight
36L 4' 3.5" 18" 3.3" 7.7 lbs
40L 4' 5.5" 19" 3.4" 8.2 lbs
48L 4' 9.5" 19.5" 3.7" 8.8 lbs
60L 5' 2.5" 21" 4" 10.8 lbs
72L 5' 7.5" 22" 4.3" 11.9 lbs
84L 5'11" 21.5" 4.9" 12.8 lbs

The Flux range represents the culmination of years of tweaking, experimenting, and optimizing foil boards. Our partnership with Appletree Surfboards provides Omen access to the world’s top foilboard manufacturing. After multiple rounds of prototypes we’re confident the Flux will be your ticket to progression. Check out Tucker of Mackite's breakdown of the 60L Flux in his "Dream Quiver" Video, their 2023 Board Awards, The Lift Journal's review of the 36L as a prone board, and most importantly: rider feedback at the bottom of the page. 

All sizes come standard with strap inserts, Y configuration up front and offset L&R options for your back foot. If you haven't tried an offset back foot strap yet, trust us on this one, it's better! Having more control and leverage over the board helps with both wave riding and landing jumps. It also provides more open deck space when riding switch to stay clear of the back strap when heading back upwind.

Included With Board

  • upgraded deckpad factory installed (2024)
  • stainless steel T30 torx hardware for strap inserts in box
  • black G10 mini fin in box

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Non-Linear Scaling

Every size of the Flux excels in prone and wing foiling and is entirely focused on increasing the performance of intermediate and advanced riders. This is especially noticeable in the larger sizes whose shapes have not been compromised to suit beginners learning to wing.

Depending on rider weight and skill, each size fills a unique niche and has been designed accordingly. The smaller boards have a proportionally wider shape to provide sufficient deck space and volume. As the size increases, the outline is slimmed down, especially in the nose and tail. This reduces swing weight and aerodynamic drag while scaling the volume and length required to get up to foiling speed with less swell or wind energy.

Ergonomic Deck

The deck is comfortable and secure; zero-rocker and light concave through the standing area provide direct heel to toe pressure and a consistent feel when using any foil.

Touch down performance

Glide right through the most aggressive touchdowns with the Flux's hydrodynamic hull. Compared to other boards it barely feels like you've come off foil.

Made in the EU

The Flux is built to last. The Appletree factory in Portugal applies a full carbon layup over a CNC cut closed-cell foam core. Vacuum resin infusion technology is used to saturate the cloth and achieve the ideal fiber to resin ratio to optimize stiffness and durability. This process is what allows Appletree to create a permanent bond to their proprietary foam core, and uniquely results in a board that will not be damaged by water ingress - even if the outer skin is damaged. Along with their world renowned track reinforcing tech, the Flux is a board you can rely on to maintain peak performance for years to come.

Low Drag Handle

A mini fin provides a streamlined and lightweight handle for carrying the larger boards. The FCS system allows the fin to be reversed to provide two handle positions to balance a range of foil mounting positions.

An FCS II box and G10 fin come standard with every 60L, 72L, and 84L Flux.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
David Wiklund
Omen Flux 60L

A holy grail for pretty much all conditions. At 165 lbs my previous setup was a 48 L and an 85 L board of other brands for covering 12-40 knots (I only wing foil). Mostly riding wind swell and waves at my gusty home spots in Sweden. Greg was really helpful and interested in getting me the best board for my local conditions. I got the Flux 60L.
First sessions where lws which would have been a struggle with my 85L. Of course the board needs some wind to get going, but just enough to move through the water. As soon as it’s moving, it’s easy to get it up on the surface and pump it up on the foil. Now I’ve had about ten sessions in both light wind and 30+ conditions and it just makes everything easier and more fun. Carving in waves, pumping in flat sections and jumping feels all very natural and well balanced.
The deck is comfortable and the strap placement enables both riding locked in or to move my feet around without hassle.
I sold both my other boards since neither of them have any advantage over the Flux in any conditions. Maybe a Flux 84 could be a future board for me to cover the sub 12 knots conditions.
Well done Omen!

Andrew Kovacs
Omen 60

Amazing board! Can’t say enough good things about it. At 145lbs this is my daily driver, including light wind. Primarily riding ocean swell and waves. Touch down forgiveness is awesome, sometimes touching down and bouncing back up on foil without any significant loss of speed. Love the construction and not have a vent plug. I also prone the Omen 60 when too soft for my smaller prone board and it works great. Highly recommend this board.

Michael Heher
Omen Flux 60L

Bought this board in transition from the classic wing board shapes of 2022-23. I moved from a 70L Cabrinha Code to the 60L Omen Flux. I'm 80KG, 39 years old, solid winger. I have used this board in various conditions from strong wind in Maui to light and variable wind at home in Tahoe. Greg at Omen was super helpful in helping me make a decision. I've yet to try a smaller version, I'd love to, but no doubt the 60L is a perfect do everything size for me. Liters are liters and the board does in fact sink a little more than my 70L board, but once you have some wind in the sail, the game changes. I ride a foil under 1000 cm in all conditions and that's because once you have board speed, most any foil will take off. With a 5.5 wing I can get up and ride in not much wind, having a nice time in 8 gusting 15 type conditions. A smaller board requires a little more athleticism and balance, no doubt, but your buddy will quickly adjust. In lighter wind, wait for the wind to be there, stink bug start and get to your knees. Wait on your knees until you know you have the appropriate power because once you have a bit of wind the Flux delivers, with quick board speed acceleration and easy take off. When riding I feel like the Flux is very forgiving with touch downs and mistakes hitting the water, my riding has only progressed and if I get another board it will be a 40L or 48L Flux.

Game ChainJah

I’m fortunate to live in a place with a very established, year ‘round ocean and wind community. As I’ve embarked on my wing foil journey in the last years… I’ve gotten to try ALOT of boards. At 100 plus kg I’ve been chasing down volume recently. I’ve been on some sub 5ft 70 Liter boards but felt like anything below 16mph wind was fraught with potential heartbreak. Omen isn’t really represented in my area, I had never seen one. But I have an AppleTree i really like (they mfr Omen) and the things I kept hearing about Omen were really glowing. I was intrigued. Greg is clearly bright, but also incredibly generous with his time. Everything he told me pre purchase has been spot on. Minus 30L (body weight for me) was automatic. Light Wind King. I’m now ready to drop down again in volume to minus 40 L. You’ve gotta wire the start to take advantage of the board design (and for going smaller in general.) But totally doable and Greg has a great YT tutorial. People toss around the phrase ‘game changer’ too much. Should be reserved for moments / designs like this. Every one of my friends that has tried this board are SOLD on the design. Orders incoming. If you are in the market, for a board to progress with … you found it.

Oscar Denys
72L perfect next step

I LOVE IT - expensive but 100% worth the cost. I was able to progress so much faster on this board. Great customer support too. I mailed them with a question and the founder got back to me personally the same day. Great guy!