High performance hydrofoil, best glide and turning performance, best combination of low end and high speed efficiency
Operator 1050
Operator 1050
Operator 1050
Operator 1050
Operator 1050

Operator 1050

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Mast Length

The Operator series was created to provide the highest possible efficiency across the widest possible range. Every element was tuned for perfect control and natural response while on and between waves. The instant you lift off the water, you’ll feel the acceleration and control honed by two years of unrelenting development and testing. 

The Operator 1050 feels like a cheat code for converting wave energy to speed and staying on foil longer. The wing is permanently mounted to the stainless steel section of our fuselage for a rock solid, streamlined connection, while the ultra stiff, light, low-drag mast; cutting edge stabilizer; and forged carbon fuselage extension, make for a low-profile wave assassin. 

The 1050 is the ultimate do-everything foil for the intermediate rider. It's supernatural abilities in the surf cross-over to ultimate freeride performance under wing power. 

Massive Range 

The profile design and wing planform provide an unprecedented combination of low end lift and high speed efficiency. Paired with the new Ahi tails you’ll be getting on foil sooner, making more connections, and riding waves that will make your mother question her parenting choices.

Precision Response & Control

The system has been iteratively designed and tuned to make the smallest bump your portal to the flow state, while keeping you in control when things get fast and steep. 

Built to Last

The wing’s composite layup is engineered by Peter Lederer, drawing on decades of experience making reliable, high performance carbon parts. Weight and stiffness has been balanced to optimize your sensation of connection to the energy of moving water.


The Large Ahi Stabilizer is included with the Operator 1050. It combines perfectly balanced turning performance and pitch control across the entire speed range with an unbelievable combination of low end glide and high speed stability .

More details

  • Complete foil includes all hardware, torx tool, and covers for mast & wings
  • QR Code based shim system and simple tuning guide for easy setup
  • Surface Area: 1050cm², Span: 90cm, Aspect Ratio: 7.7




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      Flight Design

      As Omen’s first foil, we wanted the Operator to exceed expectations in the widest range of applications. Extensive testing, iterative design, and feedback from all levels of rider increased our understanding of the interaction between various aspects of the design, and how they create the sensations felt while riding. This open mindset enabled us to optimize performance while mitigating compromises. 

      Stall speed and angle, minimum power requirement, cruising speed, and top speed stability were focal points of the airfoil design. Everything from light wind ocean swell on a downwind SUP to well overhead waves are well within the Operator’s comfort zone. Choosing what foil to ride is easier than ever.

      Turning Performance

      Another central design goal was to maximize glide without compromising roll response. Pushing the wingspan out to 90cm for efficiency, it was clear that a unique design would be required to keep turning feeling natural. Through many iterations, the variables contributing to roll response have been teased out and incorporated into the profile of the Operator. The 1050 strikes a natural feeling balance between unreactive and over-tuned.

      The next problem with the higher aspect design was wingtip breaches in hard carves or sailing upwind through waves. Investigation of this phenomena led to the discovery that the combination of upturned wingtips and certain airfoil pressure distributions mitigate unpredictable loss of control during breaching. Adjusting these factors led to the ventilation resistance and minimal control change characteristic of the final variation of the Operator design. This is a wing you can push to your limit with confidence. 

      Uncompromised Mast

      Omen worked alongside NoLimitz to design an incredibly stiff, efficient, responsive, and light mast. The foil section has been refined to minimize drag across all AoAs while resisting ventilation during aggressive turns and upwind tacks. The subtle rake reduces yaw stability change at different ride-heights, increasing the sweet spot in the water column.

      Built at the ICE aerospace facility by skilled technicians, the mast represents a union of precision manufacturing technology, materials engineering, and years of foiling experience.

      forged carbon fiber fuselage made in USA

      Streamlined Fuselage

      Foils fly at a positive angle of attack at low speed and transition through neutral to a negative angle at high speed. Because of this, the fuselage has a much greater impact on drag than conventionally thought. Since the primary goal of the operator series was to achieve the greatest possible efficiency over the widest possible range, the shape and size of the fuselage is as streamlined and small as possible. 

      Using 316 stainless steel for the highest load areas and forged carbon fiber for the stiffness critical extension, the Operator maintains an ultra low profile and glides further across an unprecedented range of speeds.

      This efficiency combined with the low drag connections and fairings created a positive feedback loop. Since the tail doesn’t need to provide as much stabilizing downforce, more efficient designs can be used. This further reduces the system’s overall drag and stabilization requirement. The end result is greater glide, easier takeoff, and less effort in pumping without sacrificing control at high speed.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      Operator 1050

      As an intermediate I was a little worried this foil set might be too much for me, but it's been the exact opposite and is pushing me to be a better rider. I'm absolutely loving it! I expected the system to have a great bottom end and early to fly but I've been surprised at just how fast (but still controllable) it is. It really is a magic carpet ride. So far I have used it winging, proning and even tow-in so whilst still very early days, I can already see this system is going to be my go-to for some time. I've been using it with an Omen Flux 60 and its clear from the outset that the foils and the board are designed for each other. The foils work great on my downwind board as well mind you, but on the flux they enter another dimension completely. Add to this how well they are constructed and how light the system is and there's just no comparison.

      Smooth, balanced, predictable and FAST

      I’m only an intermediate, but my Omen 1050 is absolutely incredible. It rides beautifully on all kinds of winds, is perfectly smooth and balanced once I correctly aligned the mast, and more importantly it does what you expect it to do. It turns just right, and glides so fast on the swells that I’m able to do any cutback I want whenever I want, and if I go straight I simply accelerate to the wave ahead, rise over it and go down its face. Rince and repeat. Incredible.

      Boaz Milgalter
      The Aston Martin of foils

      The 1050 was made for the waves. Effortless rail to rail transfer. Very steady yet very maneuverable (not sure how these two attributes can be found on the same foil). Another interesting aspect is the low stall speed. Sometimes when I tack on a wave I feel like the end of my tack is a pivot rather than a carve and yet there is not stall. Of course the wing is powered at this moment so my effective weight is low. But still - no stall shakes or anything. I complete a very sharp tack and drop in.

      The finish, performance, and handling truly makes me think this is the Aston Martin of foils.

      Tim O'Brien
      Greedy Wave Slut

      85 kg, 3rd season winger. I have the 1050 and the 850 operators. On smaller, slower, less organized waves (chest level and down) the 1050 is my choice where the 850 might outrun the chessboard. Exceptionally playful, low stall speed, turns fast, and is fast, can pretty much stop it then crank a fast turn and you back to full height. This makes riffing on slower smaller waves ridiculously enjoyable and satisfying for even the greediest wave person. And it’s totally fine on bigger days too.

      Joe Krineski Frisco Woods Campground

      Right out of the box centered the foil so board was balanced to ground went out and had fun on my KT Ginxu 105 69 year old kook🤙