forged carbon fiber fuselage made in USA
Fuselage Extension
Fuselage Extension

Fuselage Extension

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Omen foils rely on a forged carbon fuselage extension to connect the front wing and stabilizer. This light weight, precision molded component has been designed with high stiffness in mind, while maintaining just the right amount of flex to provide you with a smooth, supernatural feel.

Its ultra low profile reduces parasitic drag, especially at high pitch and yaw angles. The small cross section also creates minimal flow interruption as it blends into low thickness, high performance wings like the Operator series. This allows the front wing to generate lift more efficiently, improving its performance across the entire speed range.

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  • Includes shim pack and 2 x 22mm torx bolts

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Round Cross Section

The round cross section was designed to reduce both skin friction drag and form drag. Skin friction drag is a function of surface area and a cylindrical shape has the highest ratio of volume to surface area. This allowed us to reach the required strength and stiffness in bending and torsion with the absolute minimum drag induced by skin friction.

The shape also provides the best aerodynamic performance in instances of high or low pitch, and aggressive yaw as the flow remains less disturbed. Although more labor intensive to produce, the performance benefits of a round cross section are well worth the expense to the Omen team.

Precision Construction

The pre-preg carbon SMC material of the fuselage is formed at over 1400 psi for high dimensional accuracy. The scarf joint to the CNC’d 316 stainless steel section creates a high strength, precise, and low drag joint. Ultimately, this makes for a solid connection within the foil and ensures the front and tail wing are perfectly aligned for maximum efficiency and stability.


The light weight of the fuselage extension shifts the center of mass of the foil system further forward. By allowing the foil to be mounted further forward on the board, while keeping the entire system balanced, low end and pumping performance is increased without compromising high speed pitch stability.