Omen Ahi Tail Small for foil surfing and winging

Ahi Small

Regular price$320.00

Inspired by the fast, long range ocean fish, the Ahi’s combination of low drag and natural feel makes for a highly versatile stabilizer. Whether you're an experienced pro or just starting out, the Ahi Small will add more flow to your foiling.

The high stall angle and low aspect ratio shape impart amazing low end, pumpability, and responsive turning to the foil. The airfoil section is blended to give the best of both worlds; control from the stiff center section and low end performance from the tips, which flex off at high speed to reduce drag. 

The Ahi Small has a lower average camber and is oriented towards maximizing the surfy feel and pumping performance of your foil.

High Stall Angle

The Ahi’s high stall angle matches the amazing range of the Operator foils, further augmenting their low end performance.

Short Span

The Ahi packs efficiency and glide into a low aspect package, making turns feels smooth and natural while still working efficiently to keep you locked into glides. 

More details

  • Includes cover and 2 x 14mm torx bolts

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